Thursday, February 16, 2012

Alkemy 101 Newsletter - January 2012

New Year! New Advances!
Welcome to 2012 everyone! This year, we are continuing to expand for more capacity by upgrading our equipments and adding more highly experienced analytical chemists to tackle nonGMP (R&D) and cGMP work. We have also launched a new initiative to help reduce unforeseen testing delays and OOS's due to incomplete methodology or sample information; as a result we will be able to offer reduced turn-around times and pricing for routine sample testing with qualfied HPLC or UPLC methods.

We just acquired our new UPLC to offer optimization of legacy HPLC methods that have extensive run times. Additionally, we are developing our library for amino acid and peptide analysis in both pure form as well as complex sports nutrition and performance products. While a baseline of experience is critical, efficient method development and/or qualification and validation are critical to long term brand success.

Composite Reference Botanicals (CRBs)
In 2009 we launched our line of Composite Reference Botanicals for customers developing their own in-house Identity Testing capabilities by HPTLC on incoming raw materials. With approximately 150 CRBs comprised of botanical specimens that have been verified dating back nearly a decade or more, including many to vouchered specimens, we're proud to say that we have the largest offering of reference botanicals for Ingredient Identity purposes available commercially. For a current list, please contact us today!

In addition to Identity Testing, many clients have bought our CRB's to assist in the following ways:

Product Formulation
- Utilzing a CRB as a verified ingredient to start product development and/or improve upon their product formulation.

Process Development
- CRBs are whole botanicals, but enable customers to evaluate new extraction procedures/techniques with identify confirmed whole raw materials to generate a qualitative profile whether by FTIR, HPTLC or even HPLC.

- CRBs with their specific phytochemical profiles can give insight to potential Supply Chain issues as well as limitations or gaps in testing methodology.
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